Target Incubator Conference
powered by Next Gen

July 30th, 2019 through August 1st, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

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Target Incubator Conference
powered by Next Gen

Bringing together the next generation of entrepreneurs, builders, dreamers and change makers. During this unique, three day event, participants will take part in roundtable discussions, hear from keynote speakers and participate in a unique business challenge.

  • When

    • July 30th, 2019 through August 1st, 2019 in Minneapolis, MN
  • Why should I attend

    • Similar to the Target Incubator program, the Target Incubator Conference powered by Next Gen is an opportunity to learn, share and grow together to solve some of today's biggest challenges.
  • Applications

    • Applications for the conference are now open and space is limited. If you are interested in attending, please complete the application by following the link below. Our team will review applications and provide regular status updates.
  • Cost

    • While there is no cost to attend the conference, participants will be responsible for meals outside of the event, travel and lodging.
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What is Target Incubator

Target Incubator is an immersive four month program focused on the next generation of entrepreneurs with a business that is better for people or the planet.

  • Timeframe

    • Virtual programming is one hour a week from late April - June 2019.
    • Eight week incubator program from mid June - early August 2019.
  • Participants

    • Eight businesses will be selected for the program.
    • Up to two members per business are invited to participate.
  • Location

    • Virtual programming is web-based and will not require travel.
    • All participants will be asked to relocate to Target’s HQ in Minneapolis for the duration of the eight week incubator program. Housing is provided.
  • Funding

    • We’re giving a $10,000 stipend to each selected business.

Ready, set, grow.

Throughout the program, we will cover a spectrum of relevant topics and give you exclusive access to Target’s resources to help you and your business grow. Participants will walk away with skills in negotiations, branding, and pitching (just to name a few), as well as a network of like-minded entrepreneurs and mentors.

  • Mentorship with leaders from Target and other notable businesses
  • Access to subject matter experts across various industries
  • Tailored workshops and learning sessions
  • Entrepreneur/Founder growth and development opportunities
  • Team building events

Who’s in?

We’re looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs with a business that helps people or the planet.

  • Business criteria

    • Your business must aim to make the world a better place.
    • You need to be able to show that you’ve taken steps beyond just ideation of your business; your business must be an established legal entity (e.g. corporation, limited liability company).
    • Majority (51%+) ownership must be held by participants of the program.
  • Participant criteria

    • Must be of the Gen Z mindset.
    • Have a love for innovation, change and growth.
    • Be available one hour a week for virtual programming from late April – June 2019.
    • Be willing and able to relocate to Minneapolis, MN for 8 weeks from June – August 2019.

Mark your calendars.

  • 10/8
    Applications Open
  • 10/29
    Applications Close
  • 11/29
    Finalist Interviews at Target HQ
  • 12/5
    Offers Given
  • April - June 2019
    Virtual Programming
  • June - August 2019
    8-Week Program in Minneapolis

2019 Cohort

Blue Mangoes

Based in Milwaukee, Blue Mangoes creates the world’s most natural and empowering dried fruits by uplifting rural women farmers and eliminating food waste.


Based in New York City, Dressmate curates the best female-led, independent and sustainable designers and hosts those products online and in stores.


Based in Washington, D.C., KnoNap, LLC is a socially-driven company that has developed a cocktail napkin capable of testing for specific date rape drug presence.

Mickey’s Mission

Based in Buffalo, New York, Mickey’s Mission produces 3D custom dolls made to represent children who are not currently represented in the doll industry.

Pulp Pantry

Based in Los Angeles, Pulp Pantry is a sustainable food company on a mission to end waste and help people thrive by transforming fruit and vegetable byproducts into nutritious snacks such as grain-free veggie chips and cereals.


Based in San Francisco, Symba is an all-female founded tech startup helping companies manage their short term workforce and prepare for the next generation of workers.


Based in Richmond, Virginia, Terravive offers home compostable and marine degradable products made from plants—not petroleum—for businesses looking to protect the Earth for this generation and the next.

Trill Project

Based in Los Angeles, Trill Project is an anonymous social network where users can freely express themselves in a supportive community.

Show us
what you’ve got.

Here is a quick checklist before you apply:

    • Required submission of a 1 minute video completing the following sentences, “I am...” and “I will...”
      - Will request a YouTube or Vimeo URL link
      - Go ahead and introduce your team too if you’d like!
      - Pssst. This is your chance to get a little creative.
    • Optional Submission of work demonstrating business traction via the application portal
      - Max file size is 30MB. Required file types are PDF, PPT, or Keynote.
    • Finalists must be available to travel to Target Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN on November 29th and 30th. More details to come.
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Have questions?We have answers.

  • About the program

    • What is the Target Incubator program?
      Target has created an immersive four-month program focused on the next generation of entrepreneurs with a business that is better for people or the planet. Target will select eight businesses to first participate in two months of virtual programming where we will set the stage for the second part of the engagement, an eight-week incubator in Minneapolis. To say we’re excited is an understatement!
    • Why does Target care about the next generation of entrepreneurs?
      We want to support the next generation of innovators, change makers and leaders in a way that matters. They see the world differently, and therefore recognize solutions to problems differently. And we already see that they are taking action with new businesses. We designed this new incubator for the Gen Z entrepreneur to provide them with a platform to test, learn and ultimately flourish.
    • What is an incubator?
      Good question. It's a structured program designed for early-stage businesses to connect with experts and resources that enable growth.
    • What does a “business” mean?
      We define business as an early stage venture that provides value to a customer. That value could be a product, service, technology, or even a new business model. This does not have to be in exchange for money, such as a non-profit organization. We also ask that you’ve taken steps to gain traction with your business that make it more than just an idea, even if you have yet to launch. We would like to see that you have an understanding of who your customer is, the competitive landscape you are playing in, and that you have established your business as a legal entity.
    • What does Target mean by an established legal entity?
      Our requirement of this program is that the business must be an established legal entity (e.g. corporation, limited liability company) and filed with the applicable state governmental agency (e.g. the Secretary of State) in the state of formation/incorporation/organization of the legal entity.
    • What does Target mean by “better for people or better for the planet”?
      Think of products, services, technologies or new business models you use that make life easier or better. These can have a direct impact on everything from how you get your groceries to reducing greenhouse emissions. Ultimately, we are looking for businesses with a purpose.
    • Why does Target care about my business?
      Target is committed to supporting innovation and the next wave of creators through a portfolio of accelerator programs. In addition, Target shows its commitment to bettering the lives of people and the planet every day. We've done this through the creation of youth soccer programs across the country, car seat recycling, and adaptive clothing through our Cat and Jack and Universal Thread brands. We are now asking YOU to step up too.
  • Selection Criteria

    • What if I’m not a next generation entrepreneur?
      Target offers many other programs in our accelerators portfolio for which you may be eligible to participate. Please visit to check us out!
    • I'm younger than 18. Are there any opportunities for me to get involved?
      We recognize there are many amazing entrepreneurs under the age of 18, but unfortunately at this time we are limiting the program to only participants over the age of 18. Follow us on @TargetTag for future announcements.
    • Do I need to be in college to participate in this program?
      No, that is not prerequisite for eligibility in this program.
  • Program Details

    • Where will the incubator be located?
      The eight-week incubator program will be held in Minneapolis, MN. Prior to the eight-week program, we will engage in two months of virtual programming which will be web-based and will not require travel.
    • What is virtual programming?
      Because we just can't wait to start working with our cohort of eight businesses, we have designed a two-month virtual program that will prep participants prior to their arrival to Minneapolis for the eight-week incubator. This portion of the program is web-based and will not require travel to Minneapolis. We are asking for just one hour per week for a mix of webinars and meetings to introduce participants to their fellow finalists and kickstart the program.
    • Does Target own my idea if I am selected to be in the program?
      Absolutely not! Your idea is yours to keep, and we are just here to help you along your growth journey.
    • Will any financial assistance be offered to those selected to participate such as airfare, hotels, and other travel costs?
      We are excited to offer a $10,000 stipend to each selected business! In addition, we will cover travel and accommodations for those selected to participate in the Finalist Interview Event on Nov 29th - 30th. We will also cover travel and housing for the eight-week incubator program.
    • I am working with another person on my business, can they come to Minneapolis too?
      Absolutely! Up to two participants per business are allowed to participate in the program. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept more than two participants per business, but we hope to learn more about your team (small or large) throughout the program.
    • What are the dates of virtual programming and the eight-week incubator program?
      Virtual programming will start late April and conclude in early June. The eight-week incubator program will start mid-June and conclude early-August. Exact dates to be shared shortly, so keep checking back on the website for program updates.
  • Application Questions

    • What types of materials could I submit to demonstrate traction?
      Presentations, business plans, pitch decks, market research, you name it. We want to see how hard you've been working! Please only upload a PDF, PPT or Keynote file format and note that maximum file size is 30MB.
    • I just got to the part of the application asking me to upload a video- how do I do that?
      Submit your 1-minute video, which completes the sentences "I am..." and "I will..." by pasting either a YouTube link or Vimeo link into your F6S application. If your video is uploaded on YouTube, you may select "unlisted" and then send us the link. If you are using Vimeo and have chosen to make the video private, please include a password to access your content. If you've gone through all of the work to put together a video, please ensure we can watch it!
    • Is it okay if I just record a video on my phone?
      That is totally fine! We just want to get to know you better through completing the sentences "I am..." and "I will...". We encourage authenticity and creativity, regardless of production quality!
    • Will I hear back if I haven't been selected to participate in the Target Incubator?
      Yes! We will notify all applicants, whether selected or not, in mid-November 2018 regarding the status of their application.
    • What do I do if I've read all of the above, but I still have a question?
      Please write to us at if you have a question about your application. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.